We will develop for you a virtual space in which we will load the interiors with your goods. We offer development basing on your individual requirements, we will think over everything to the smallest detail. Your client will be able to virtually enter your store, watch your furniture and make orders. Our program is characterized by high image quality in VR, it absolutely conveys the scale and all the textures. VR requires – Oculus Rift / HTC Vive or the cardboard for mobile phones. It also works on computers, tablet PC, smartphones via the Internet in 2D mode. So this will be an excellent addition to your online store.


If you don’t already have a 3D model of your furniture, we will model 3D copies of them, with exact correspondence to the originals. Based on your drawings, the scale corresponds to the actual dimensions. Our experts create very realistic and high-quality textures of textiles, wood, glass and metal. Now all designers and architects need 3D models of furniture to embed them in their projects. We will help you to buy your models on different resources, which are used by all designers and architects of the world. You will save money on the production of a prototype or exhibition samples. Also, you save your money on photographers, as 3D rendering allows you to make unlimited number of photorealistic images from different angles.


In the store or in the exhibition area we offer to put a stand with a touch screen, which will be connected to the VR headset. It will be possible to demonstrate your furniture in 2D mode on the touchpad screen without using headset, as well as to demonstrate it in VR if desired. Not everyone is ready to put on headset immediately and go into the virtual world, so we suggest that you first show the image on the familiar screen, and then offer the client to wear the VR headset to view the image in full. Individual menu and an individual interface will be created for you, so you can conveniently show your entire range and switch between models. Very often, renting a square is very expensive (especially at the exhibition), you will save money on rent. Our stand requires very little space, while you can show a lot of models and everything as in reality.


In a virtual showroom, we can make objects clickable. We can place special tags on items with the possibility of switching to the product card in the store with detailed description and ordering. These tags are clearly visible and convenient to use. It’s great when your store is interactive, it will allow the client to change models and even textures. This feature is easy to synchronize with your online store. This feature will increase significantly sales of your furniture. Not all customers like the cooperation with a sales consultant, most of them are more comfortable making purchase themselves. We will create a user-friendly interface that will allow your customer to feel comfortable while making purchase.


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Our experts have considerable experience in the development of VR-applications, we will calculate the cost of the project, offer the best solution for your problem.