IKEA offers to design a kitchen using VR-application

IKEA offers to design a kitchen using VR-application

The world-famous IKEA furniture and home goods sales network announced the launch of an experimental virtual reality application, IKEA VR Experience, aimed at users of the HTC Vive headset.


Example of a virtual reality application

The application, built on the Unreal Engine 4 engine from Epic Games, transfers the owners of the Vive headset to a virtual environment with a full-size IKEA kitchen, so that you can walk freely through it without swimming for buoys.

IKEA will offer users three different kitchen models.


They will be able to change various lockers, repaint facades from one color to another, and also look at the kitchen from the height of the child and the adult.

Note that the furniture brand IKEA already offers its customers several effective online tools for 3D design of the kitchen, dressing room and pantries with millimeter accuracy. The Ikea VR Experience app is clearly not suitable for this purpose, at least for now.



Since this is only the first trial run of a Swedish furniture manufacturer in the emerging world of virtual reality, the application is for entertainment and informational purposes only and is intended to collect user feedback. With it, IKEA is going to test the ground for further more decisive steps.

The IKEA VR Experience app is currently available in the digital Steam store as an F2P game. The developers promise regular updates until the end of the testing period at the end of August.